Playing Modes

To listen and earn on PENTA, we have two different playback modes.

Ambient Mode(under development)

In Ambient Mode, with setting your Headphone NFT, you can use the microphone of your devises to recognize the sounds playing in the surroundings. To mine game items, you spend 1 HP per 1 second. And you can recover your HP once in a day (recovering HP needs PENTA STONE and $SWT).
The amount of your mining/earning in this mode depends on the parameters of Headphone NFT, playing time and some other parameters.

Internal Mode

In this mode, you can mine some items by your status of listening to your mobile music app(you can use Apple Music or Google play music).
And the available mining time is limited to 15 songs per day at the start. The amount of songs you can listen to is decided by how many headphones you set.