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$SWT Mining Mechanics

In Ambient Mode, users also can mine $SWT. Mining probability is subject to several parameters
$SWT's Daily Mining Cap follows a function named "Sigma".
P(m,x)=mx7x+(x7)2P(m, x) = m \frac{x-7}{\sqrt{x+(x-7)^2}}
P is USD Price of each token
x (User's Score)
x is a User Score. This value is fixed by your own Headphone NFTs' level and rarity as follows:
x=10×rarity(115×rarity+level)x = 10×rarity(1-\frac{1}{5×rarity+level})
m (Mel Scale)
m is a coefficient that relates to Daily Earning Cap. This value is determined by such elements:
  • random value
  • event
  • quest
  • genre
The mel scale (after the word melody) is a perceptual scale of pitches judged by listeners to be equal in distance from one another. The reference point between this scale and normal frequency measurement is defined by assigning a perceptual pitch of 1000mels to a 1000Hz tone, 40dB above the listener's threshold.
(sited from Wikipedia)