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PENTA STONE is a "gemstone" that you can mine while you listen to the music on PENTA.
The entity is stored in a smart contract as an ERC-721 token.
Each stone is a unique item with parameters that describe its quality and shape. Each visual also changes according to the parameters. (In closed beta, all are uniform "Genesis" can be mined.)
This item is required for these actions below.
  • Remodel Headphone
  • Repair Headphone
  • Mint Headphone
  • Heal HP
  • Release additional functions
  • Entry Lucky Quest
  • ...
When the user has listened to a song, the system determines whether or not the stone will be mined. The mining probability, amount of mining, and expected parameters are determined by the status of the Headphone and the songs listened to by the user.
Daily mining cap is fixed. If the maximum amount is mined on a given day, no more can be mined.
Last modified 1yr ago